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Advance Accounting ( TAX, VAT, & TDS) Training

Advance Accounting ( TAX, VAT, & TDS) Training

"Manual Accounting with TAX, VAT and TDS Training Accounting Concept Manual Accounting Accounting Software Advanced Excel Training Tax Vat and TDS Training Free Martial Martial with Project Final Exam"



Accounting Training - 100% Success 

  1. Accounting Concept
  2. Manual Accounting
  3. Accounting Software
  4. Advanced Excel Training
  5. Tax Vat and TDS Training
  6. Free Martial
  7. Martial with Project
  8. Final Exam


Accounting concept

Rule of Account (Personal/Real/Nominal)

Process of Account keeping

National and International Accounting system

Concept Buildup



TAX, VAT and TDS Training

Concept of TAX, VAT and TDS

Tax Vat Act of Nepal Government

Tax Rule and Regulation

Applied of Tax

Tax of Salary and other parts

Tax of Income

Tax of service Basis Company

Tax of Trading Basis Company

Tax of Manufacturing Company

Tax of Banking

Tax of Financial institution

Tax of Social Security

Tax Adjustment


Manual Accounting

Types of Invoice (Bills)

Types of Voucher

Purchase register

Sales Register

Debit Note and Credit Note

Journal Voucher

Preparation of financial reports

Profit and Loss (Income Statement)

Trail Balance

Balance Sheet

Cash Flow



Accounting Software – Tally

Create company

Shut Company

Select Company

Modify or delete company

Set tally vault password

Detail of Groups

Create/multiple single leger

Modify/Delete Ledger

Concept of Accounting Voucher

Concept of double and single Voucher Entry system

Contra/payment/receipt/journal/sales/purchase …other many more

Purchase register and Sales register

Purchase Order/ Sales order

Purchase return /Sales return

Purchas and Sales Invoice using Tax/Vat/ and Discount

Maintain Loan and Liability

Cost Category and Cost Center

Multi-Currency / Multi Price Level / Rate of Exchange

Maintain Payroll System.

Maintain memorandum / Postdate / Optional / Physical Stock / Stock Journal ……..



Advance Excel

Concept of Excel

Preparation of bill sheet

Preparation of Salary Sheet (Payroll Sheet)

Concept of Column and Row

Golden rule of Excel

Example of formula

Data type

How to formula Calculate

Style Number of Formatting

Cell Reference

Sum Product

Round function

Table function

Text Extract and Join

Data Validation

Flax Fill

Data Short

Data Filter

V lookup Retrieve record

Page setup chart types

Excel Keyboard short cuts.



Free Materials

Day Book

Cash Book (Petty cash /Cash)



Purchase Register

Sales Register

Debit Note/ Credit Note

Hands Book of Accounting Software

TAX VAT and TDS Hands rule as per new rule


Duration         : 1 Month

Exam               : 5 Times

Regular Fee    : 12000/-

Discount Fee  : ……………………..